10 Questions for Project Runway

1. Dmitry, didn’t your mom ever tell you not to iron your shirt while you’re still wearing it?

2. Does Elena never, ever stop whining? Ever?

3. Did Ven ACTUALLY say, “Men are stronger designers while women are a little more practical”?

4. Should we call Chris’s signature shredded chiffon + charmeuse combo “chimeuse” or “charfon”?

5. Hey Elena, if Balmain–of all labels–can go down market a bit, don’t you think you can do it, too?

6. How many hours of therapy are all the girls going to need after this traumatic episode? I mean, who knew making cheap cocktail dresses could be so angst-laden?

7. “Hey Fabio, can I have my floral headpiece back?” (Lana Del Rey told us to ask that one.)

8. Is anyone else dying to hear what Karl would say about Alicia’s “Chanel” dress?

9. When is Heidi going to just start showing up in a bikini every episode?

10. Was that fake sympathy for Gunnar at the end when he walked back into the waiting room and everyone thought he was auf’ed?

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