Roscoe Dash Voices His Opinion On Drake & Chris Brown Brawl

Roscoe Dash happened to be a trending topic on Twitter yesterday when he decided to voice his opinion about the whole Drake/Chris Brown/Meek Mill altercation. And although I couldn’t agree more with Roscoe Dash, it seems that Meek Mill didn’t take too kindly to what Roscoe had to say.

You can check out the Twitter beef that erupted after Roscoe tweeted his thoughts when you click on that “Read More” button below:

Let’s start with Roscoe Dash first (please read from the bottom to the top):

Meek didn’t take too kindly to Roscoe’s tweets so he responded with this:

 Roscoe Dash added:

And Meek’s last reply was:

I just want to know why we can’t just all get along?! Is it that hard fellas? #IMJUSTSAYING! This is really over some bullshit! Let’s make this money and be happy! What are your thoughts? I’m listening!

Gossip Pics: Rita Ora Has A Nip Slip

Roc Nation’s newest member, Rita Ora, experienced a nip slip during one of her performances at the “Lovebox Music Festival” held in Victoria Park. While probably hitting a high note and then dipping low, her left breast decided to say hello to the masses and make its grand debut!

Nip slips are the “it” thing when it comes to popular artists. Almost every popular chick has had one from Nicki Minaj to Rihanna to Lady Gaga to Lil Kim. Nip slips have become the norm. I’m starting to think that if you don’t experience a nip slip at some point in your career, you’re not going to make it in this industry. #IMJUSTSAYING

Anywho, you can check out Rita Ora’s left nipple when you click on that “Read More” button below:

I’ll hold for your thoughts!

Teairra Mari Responds To Criticism About Making Gold Digger Music

Just a few short weeks ago – singer/actress/model, Teairra Mari, released her first single titled “Lil Mama” off her new mixtape titled “Unfinished Business” which is scheduled to drop tomorrow (July 4th). Since the release of the single, Teairra Mari has received a ton of harsh criticism, mixed fanfare and reviews.

According to the comments on various blogs and websites, Teairra Mari is being slammed for continuing her career as a recording artist while others are dubbing her lyrical content as “Gold-Digger” music….que in the good folks over at BET.

However, Teairra Mari is no stranger to drama as she was previously part of a highly publicized rumored beef with Rihanna, who was signed to the Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Records company around the same time she was.

Now, Teairra Mari sits down with Celebrity Sound Off and candidly gushes on everything from why she is still singing the type of music she is making and her new studio album titled “Sex On The Radio” which is scheduled to be released later this year.

So find out what Teairra Mari had to say when you click on that “Read More” button below:

You can also check out Teairra’s new joint titled “Lil Mama” below:

Now let me know what you think of Teairra Mari’s interview as well as her new joint in the comments section because you know I’m listening!

Frank Ocean You Say Thank You But I Thank You More!

Odd Future member, Frank Ocean, just recently revealed to the masses that he is a bisexual man and I couldn’t be more happier! Finally!! Someone in our community, who is doing positive things, who can set the example for our younger generation that being who you are is ok! You don’t have to hide, you don’t have to conform to what others want you to be. Its really just ok to be you! And for that I thank you Frank Ocean.

I’m no Dream Hampton, I’m simply just Vivian. A girl they call the NYC Gossip Girl who happens to have a young daughter who is gay and who had a hard time trying to express who she really was. If anyone knows me then they know my struggle. I had my oldest daughter when I was only 16 years old. She’s seen me go through it with her dad. A man who really wanted no parts of his children unless I was involved with him. A sad part of life, but oh so very true.

My daughter has seen her father treat me poorly including putting his hands on me. An act I wish she would’ve never saw. And sometimes when I think about my daughter, I always wonder if her witnessing her fathers behavior towards me made her turn to women for safety because maybe in her mind men sucked. Highly unlikely, but I always thought that was a possibility.

But nevertheless, I write these words simply because I am relieved that at this point my daughter has someone in her community she can relate to. Someone who is a mover and shaker in this industry has revealed himself for who he is with no regrets and no worries about any backlash. I know that was a hard thing in itself because when my daughter revealed to me that she was gay it was hard for her.

I saw her struggle when she fixed her mouth to reveal to me something she probably thought I was going to hate her for. But in my mind, I was thinking how can my child ever think that I would hate her? That I would reject her because of who she chooses to be with? I’m not a perfect mother, but I would like to say I’m an open-minded mother who loves ALL of her kids with no restrictions.

Love does not come with restrictions. You either love someone or you don’t. Plain and simple. Sure you get mad at the people you love on occasion, but that love never goes away.

Click on the “Read More” button below to read the rest:

A photo of my daughter and I at her high school graduation

I say all of that to say this………….My heart goes out to Frank Ocean and any other individual who felt like they had to struggle in life in dealing with who they are. Know that you are loved by many regardless of what your choices in life may be. I couldn’t thank you more. I appreciate you in ways you’ll never know and I don’t even know you. Many blessings and continued success!


Freckles made sexy in a sea of black (NSFW)

Serving as undeniable proof that freckles are sexy, that sexy can also be classy, and that classy is the one perfect way to describe the Parisian sensuality, Sebastian Cviq’s black and white editorial is all kinds of luring and cool. And as if the intense attitude and the wild child stance aren’t enticing enough, there’s also plenty of styling inspiration waiting to be put to good use, particularly in the gorgeous juxtapositions of luxury lingerie, all sheer and sultry, with vintage jeans, ripped and high waisted, flawlessly put together by Kasia Michowska.

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq

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Picture gallery

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

Wild Child by Sebastian Cviq (NSFW)

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The men’s boater: Giotto Calendoli in Milan

Giotto Calendoli has a way of balancing timelessness with pure photo opportunity. On the street in Milan during men’s week, this outfit of a plain white tee and rolled-up black pants was elevated to new levels of dapperness by way of a straw boater and neckerchief.

mens boater hat street style Giotto Calendoli

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Some Taylor Swift Tattoos That You Can Try Too

Taylor Swift is a popular country music singer. She was born in the year 1989 in the USA. Her debut album, Tim McGraw, was an instant hit and made her an overnight celebrity. Taylor Swift is known for her attractive persona that instantly lets her connect with her many fans and audiences.

Besides many fake tattoos, this young and elegant lady has also etched some real ones on her body. Some visible areas where her tattoos can easily be spotted are the underside of the left wrist, her right hand, and left arm.

13 is Taylor Swift’s lucky number. Hence, she gets the number drawn on her right hand before very show. 13 is also her birth date. Taylor Swift believes that her right hand is responsible for all her good luck and fortune. The outline is done in black and is filled with a shimmery blue ink.

This small word tattoo shown off by Taylor Swift became hugely popular with her fans. She got this inked for her album “Fearless”. Her fans have been flaunting this tattoo on their foot, back, neck and wrist. It is a very simple text tattoo yet quite charming and unique.

1 Jennifer Lopez Tattoos You Can Try

She needs no introduction! Jennifer Lopez, the multi-talented celebrity, has always loved showing off her vivacious and bold attitude, whether it be with her performance or the various, intricately designed and elegant tattoos on her body.

Never one to shy away from the media, this actress, dancer and singer makes a powerful fashion statement with her oomph body and hard-to-miss body art. Despite her audacious tattoo venture, the diva and songstress remains as feminine and alluring as ever, dazzling her way into social circuits and award ceremonies.

The small dolphin tattoo on her right shoulder represents intelligence, harmony, friendship, fortune, freedom, prosperity, power and peace. Pirate lore serenades the dolphin as a symbol of protection and freedom!